Our Exeter Locksmiths have been receiving an abnormal number of suspicious enquiries regarding lost car keys recently.

The ASAP Locksmith team has recently been receiving a high number of enquiries regarding lost keys, but each time no proof of ownership or photo ID is available.
The customer wanted a member of the locksmith team to attend a carpark at Exeter airport and gain access to a vehicle after miss-placing the key whilst on holiday abroad. This wouldn’t normally be an issue, but the red flags soon started to appear.
First, the customer refused to meet our locksmith at the vehicle once they had landed and cleared customs. They stated that it was too late for us to attend and wanted it completed before they landed.
Second, the customer wanted our locksmith to access the vehicle, and cut and code a new key. No issue ordinarily, but they wanted the key left on the rear wheel ready for their return.
Third, we told the client we would only attend the vehicle after we had received proof of ownership and photo identification. They made several excuses as to why this wasn’t an option.
Ownership is typically verified by asking for and checking a valid photo ID, such as a driving license.

If you don’t have any identification to prove your ownership it’s likely the service will be refused.

We understand not everyone carries their V5 or driving license on their person all the time so our experienced locksmiths are left to make the final decision.  

Luckily, there are ways to prove your identity without a photographic ID on hand.

The same rules apply to private and commercial premises.

Do you have a landlord? It’s possible your landlord can help to verify your identity.

Do you have Family nearby? If you do it’s possible they have documents and/or ID to prove you’re the resident or owner of the property or vehicle?

*They may even have a spare key you can use to let yourself back in.

Do you have friendly neighbours? In certain circumstances, it’s possible that your locksmith may ask a neighbour to identify you. If you know your neighbours well, ask them to help prove your identity to the locksmith by confirming whether you are the tenant or owner. After the locksmith has unlocked your door they will ask to see some ID to confirm that you are the resident you say you are.

If you have genuinely lost your key and/or have locked yourself out of your home, business, or vehicle, get in touch 24hrs a day on

01392 715353



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