Burglar alarms to stop working as BT tears out old copper lines

 As revealed in today’s Telegraph Money, various BT customers have resorted to purchasing standby generators.
Security consultant and television presenter Michael Fraser said “Homeowners, particularly the elderly, were being left in a vulnerable position”. 
According to the Office for National Statistics, “2020 had almost 260,000 burglaries recorded in 2020”.

Fraser forecast a rise in crime as burglars could easily spot which homes have analog alarm systems that no longer function. “Criminals will take advantage of any new weaknesses in home security they possibly can. They can use property websites and Google street view to scout out potential targets and assess the value of possessions in homes,” he said.

The Association of British Insurers warned non-working alarms could leave victims without any payout if they are burgled, as insurers could deny any claims.

BT said they are working together with alarm manufacturers and installers to inform customers of the dangers and the necessary upgrades that must be completed.

During the digital phone, rollout, some personal health alarms have also stopped working. Around half a million BT customers wear such devices to call for help in case of an emergency such as a fall or stroke. Customers are expected to cover the cost of any upgrades themselves, as BT has so far ruled out any financial assistance.

The controversial rollout has been stopped for now, which has seen copper landlines ripped out in favour of fiber-optic cables. This resulted in some customers being unable to call 999 during the recent stormy weather, and their chief executive has now apologised and admitted the company had got it “wrong”.

BT had pledged to equip all homes with digital “voice over internet phones (VOIP)” by 2025 as part of a much-needed update to the UK’s communication infrastructure.

If you’re concerned about any possible interruption to your service, please get in touch with the ASAP group today and speak with an expert.
T: 0330 912 5170 

W: www.theasapgroup.co.uk


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