Learn more about how we’ve become a leading technical provider in the South West, committed to providing the ultimate standard of service.


Since we established over 40 years ago, the ASAP Group has gone on to become one of the leading technical providers in the South West, with our three separate business divisions – Protection, Electrical and Locksmiths – dedicated to bringing safety to the community.

With our expert electrical, locksmith and protective solutions, we are uniquely qualified to take care of your most complex technical demands for both commercial and residential purposes – so you can attain total confidence that your family, colleagues and assets are in the safest of hands.

We are also entirely loyal to the our values, which continue to stand us apart within the industry – and ensure our customers’ experience is protected as intensely as their homes, assets or businesses.


Explore our range of accolades, awards and certifications to learn why you can count on us to deliver a high quality service.

Our values are integral to the foundations of the business, and we continue to be:

People Centric

Our clients’ safety is in our hands, and we by no means underestimate this responsibility – holding ourselves personally accountable for the welfare of their staff and customers.


Without exception, we recruit the expertise of the best in the business - operating with unparalleled insight into the people, property and assets that we must protect. 


We are entirely committed to protecting against corruption, using our strong moral compass to guide us in channelling the best form of defence.


We pride ourselves on doing the right thing – even if no one is watching. No matter what, we follow our ethical convictions and remain true to ourselves under all circumstances.

OUR clients


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